Barran Constructions Pty Ltd is a joint venture between Thomas Macdonald and Nick Simmons.


Thomas Macdonald is the majority shareholder and identifies with the Kamiloroi and Dharug people. Barran Constructions was created with the purpose of partnering with the depth of talent within the Aboriginal community for civil construction.

With the right partnerships, opportunities and support networks, the economic opportunities within the construction industry can assist in providing the foundation for stable families, stable employment and allowing all members of the Australian community to equally share in growth and prosperity.

Barran Constructions combines expertise in the design and construction management of civil and remediation projects as well as the plant hire of experienced operators and equipment.

The business finds and cultivates talent within the Aboriginal community and focuses that talent in civil construction towards rapid, safe and economic project delivery for the betterment of our clients, stakeholders and Aboriginal staff and their families. Nick Simmons’ expertise, ‘can do’ attitude and the resources of Simmons Civil Contracting are able to turn the vision of Aboriginal empowerment into a reality.

Barran Constructions has the following partnerships within the Aboriginal Community:


Barran Constructions is not only majority Aboriginal owned, a majority of it’s employees are people within the Aboriginal community.

Barran Constructions trains, mentors and is committed to providing stable jobs and challenging work opportunities.


A key advantage taken for granted by members of the Australian community is access to credit markets and finance.

Our experience has been that many people within the Aboriginal community, do not have family members that can guarantee credit applications or many years of accumulated wealth creation within the family to fund the capital investment necessary to own civil construction equipment.

Barran Constructions and Simmons Civil Contracting have recongised this opportunity for a hand up, by:

  1. transferring equipment to Aboriginal individuals that have demonstrated a willingess to become owners of equipment;
  2. providing Simmons Civil Contracting guarantees to obtain finance (providing company credit history);
  3. the applicable individual takes over maintenance of the equipment – it becomes their property;
  4. hiring that equipment to work on Barran Constructions and Simmons Civil Contracting projects; and
  5. guaranteeing workload so that the transition to economic ownership is successful.